2018 Subway State Relay Championships


Congratulations to our athletes who all performed extremely well at Lakeside Stadium in hot, windy and wet conditions. Essendon was represented by 24 Teams and despite the tricky conditions, most Teams improved on their Region Times.

GU15 4×200m 7th in final 1:54.45
GU14 4×200m 3rd in final 1:49.82
GU10 4×200m 5th in final 2:19.34
GU13 4×200m 2:00.69 heat 6th
BU12 4×200m 2:00.49 heat 6th
GU12 4×200m 2:07.04 heat 6th

MSU16 4×100m 7th in final 50.14
MSU14 4×100m “A” 3rd in final 50.70
MSU14 4×100m “B” 5th in final 52.20
MSU12 4×100m 2nd in final 54.55
MSU10 4×100m 1st in final 59.53

GU14 4×100m 2nd in final 52.58
BU14 4×100m 6th in final 50.91
GU13 4×100m 56.25 4th in heat
BU13 4×100m 54.86 6th in heat
BU12 4×100m 3rd in final 54.49
GU10 4×100m 3rd in final 1.02.13
BU10 4×100m 7th in final 1.01.60

GU15 Medley 7th in final 2.03.24
BU14 Medley 7th in final 1.52.40
GU13 Medley 6th in final 2.03.39
BU12 Medley 4th in final 2.01.09
GU10 Medley 4th in final 2.21.34
BU10 Medley 6th in final 2.21.44

Thankyou to parents who assisted on the day, especially Jamie Gray who was at Box 2 for the entire day. Thankyou to Adrian Wrout for being Team manager.