LAVic Combined Event Championships


Despite the hot conditions, Essendon athletes performed exceedingly well over the weekend at the LAVic Combined Events Championships. Great performances, PB’s, good sportsmanship and keeping cool were all achieved.

In individual events, Jack Walsh won the BU15 HJ with a leap of 1.84m, Chloe Perrett 2nd in GU16 200m, 3rd in both the HJ and 90mH and Maddox Wilson 2nd in BU11 Discus.

Overall results:
BU10 Isa Merhi 8th 1028 points
BU10 Levi Draper 46th 650 points
BU10 Jude Barrett DNF
GU10 Hollie Capuano 17th 801 points
GU10 Madigan Carroll 36th 629 points
BU11 Maddox Wilson 20th 1046 points
BU11 Kaden Cuce 26th 1017 points
BU12 Charlie Barrett 21st 997 points
GU12 Lily-Bella Hilli 8th 1159 points
GU12 Amelia Ashton 17th 1031 points
BU13 Dylan Rowbottom 28th 1074 points
BU14 Dash Newton 22nd 1631 points
BU15 Jack Walsh 12th 3299 points
BU16 Sam Conti 11th 3123 points
BU16 Mitchell Egan DNF
GU16 Chloe Perrett 8th 3172 points
GU16 Emily Newton 11th 2406 points

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